The Sámi Archives

The Sámi Archives operates at the Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos. The archives are part of the National Archives of Finland.

The mission of the Sámi Archives is:
• to support and promote research related to the Sámi people;
• strengthen Sámi culture and increase the amount of historical information about the Sámi people;
• take care of digitising documents related to the Sámi people and the Sámi region;
• make documents available for customers via the online services of the National Archives Service.

koltta arkisto

For further information, please contact:
Researcher Juha Heinonen
+358 29 533 7209
+358 50 323 8358 

Senior inspector Hanna Helander
+358 29 533 7127
+358 50 501 4345