Inari municipality/Sámi Library

The library of Inari consists of the main library in Ivalo, the branch library in Inari, and the library bus, being also a part of Lapland’s library net. The library has almost 150 000 users a year. It is a vivid library with modern equipment and cosy environment. Despite of traditional services, such as inter-library loaning and information retrieval and children’s fairy tale hours, library can offer a place for lifelong learning.

Nowadays libraries ensure that people have equal access to sources of knowledge and culture; so do we in Inari. The library’s information services as well as other services have been developed according to customer-orientation, rapid feedback, quality control and continuity.

In 2012 the branch library in Inari will move into the new Sami culture centre. It will contain material in Sami languages as well as Sami archives.

The contact person in the project of the Sámi Cultural Centre is Chief Library Director Eija Leivo from the Inari municipality.